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Products and Pricing

Our Grasses

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Grass

A mix of 90% fescue and 10% bluegrass that produces a beautiful lawn year round.

$5.50 per piece

(10 sq ft)


We currently have low mow 100% bluegrass. We have a 4 way blend of beautiful Texas Hybrid and Kentucky Bluegrasses planted on a fumigated field for purity.  

$7 per piece

(10 sq ft)

NorthBridge Bermuda

Bermuda grass with a fine texture and improved cold tolerance for homes, sports, golf and commercial.

*In season only.

$5.50 per piece

(9 sq ft)

*Call for pallet pricing.

Seed and Fertilizer

Black Beauty      $25 - $145

Grass Seed

This is a fescue, blue grass mix. We see it in 5# and 50# bags.

Dense Shade         $25 - $95


This grass seed is a fescue, blue grass blend for dense shade and low maintenance. Comes in 3# or 25# bags. 

Starter Fertilizer                   $30

18 - 24 - 12

Fall Fertilizer                        $30

24 - 5 - 11

Spring Fertilizer                    $30

22 - 0 - 6 with Pre-emergent

How much sod do I need?

Measure length and width in feet.

Multiply length x width.

This is square feet needed. 

Call if you need help.   

Purchasing Sod

You can purchase our grass by the piece or by the pallet.  

We cut as per ordered for freshness, so please call ahead!

1 Piece/Roll = 10 Square Feet             1 Pallet = 500 Square Feet or 50 rolls

Depending on quantity of purchase, delivery is available for a freight fee and we can unload on your job site.  Please call for pricing. 

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