Products and Pricing

Our Grasses

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Grass

A mix of 90% fescue and 10% bluegrass that produces a beautiful lawn year round.

$5 per piece

(10 sq ft)


We currently have low mow 100% bluegrass. We also have HGT (Healthy Grass Technology) Bluegrass.

$6 per piece

(10 sq ft)

NorthBridge Bermuda

Bermuda grass with a fine texture and improved cold tolerance for homes, sports, golf and commercial.

*In season only.

$5 per 

(9 sq ft)

*Call for pallet pricing.

Seed and Fertilizer

Black Beauty Grass Seed

This is a fescue, blue grass mix. We sell it in 5# and 50# bags.

$20 - $115

Dense Shade

This grass seed is a fescue, blue grass blend for dense shade and low maintenance.  Comes in 3# or 25# bags.

$20 - $75

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Starter Fertilizer

18 - 24 - 12 


Fall Fertilizer

24 - 5 - 11


Spring Fertilizer

22 - 0 - 6 with pre-emergent


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How much sod do I need?

Measure length and width in feet.

Multiply length x width.

This is square feet needed. 

Call if you need help.   

Purchasing Sod

You can purchase our grass by the piece or by the pallet.

1 Piece/Roll = 10 Square Feet             1 Pallet = 500 Square Feet or 50 rolls

Depending on quantity of purchase, delivery is available for a freight fee.