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Turf Mountain Sod

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Types of Grass:

Black Beauty Grass - A mix of 90% fescue and 10% bluegrass that produces a beautiful lawn year round.

100% Bluegrass - We currently have low mow bluegrass, which is a blend of bluegrasses. This fall we will also be introducing HGT (Healthy Grass Technology) Bluegrass.

Coming in 2017: North Bridge Bermuda

To learn more about our grasses please visit our Useful Links page.


You can purchase our grass by the piece or by the pallet.

1 Piece = 1 Square yard        Pallet = 500 square feet or 55 square yards

$4.00 per square yard            $2.40 per square yard

For prices on bluegrass, please call our office.

We also harvest big rolls, which can either be 21" or 42" by 77', which are installed with machinery.

We do charge a $10 pallet or big role pipe deposit that is refundable with your receipt.