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Turf Mountain Sod

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Cool Season grasses should be installed in the 'cool' of the year.  Fall is the most ideal time to install your lawn, followed by winter, spring and least of all, summer due to watering, transplant shock and fungus.  The more growing in time your grass has before summer, the better your product will be.  Because it is a cool season grass you can install in the winter.  

We recommend the top two inches of soil to be loosened.  If you have weak soil, you may prefer testing through your local county extension service or you may need to bring in additional soil if necessary.  We recommend lime and high phosphate fertilize under the sod.  Place edges as close together as you can, stagger the seams as if you were laying brick.  Then, and most importantly, water your sod.  For the first couple of weeks, keep it watered and make sure water is getting to the soil underneath.  Depending upon the time of year you install your sod, will depend on the time of day you should water.  If the sod lays over and 'mats' itself down, you will need to take a leaf rake and fluff it up.  Air and water must flow freely for your grass to live.  

Mowing - once your sod needs mowing, go ahead.  Never mow more than 1/3 of the height of your sod at a time.  Sharp blades are a key to healthy grass.  We recommend fescue be mowed between 2/1/2 - 3".  If the mower is 'picking up' the sod, wait until it roots in more before mowing.  

If you aren't certain, please contact your favorite landscaper or call our office.

Below is a link from This Old House - YouTube on installation - 4 minutes.